How We Work

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In order to understand “how we work”, it is important to
understand a few terms that are often confusing.


Home Health Care:

refers to skilled and/or medical care that is provided in the home of the client. These services are usually covered by insurance and require “medical necessity” in order to qualify for service.


Home Care:

includes services of any kind that assist people in need to continue to live at home. These services may include; 1) the “volunteer” social network of clients (friends, family, or neighbors), 2) private duty/independent providers which often includes friends or neighbors that are hired directly by the client but can be risky as these caregivers are generally less qualified and have not been properly screened or verified, and 3) professional agency’s that are in business to either provide these services or refer pre-screened and qualified caregivers to provide these services.


Non-Medical Home Care Referral Agency (Domestic Referral Agency):

refers to the model of care that Eldercaring offers to clients living in the Coachella Valley. We believe in this approach due to our personal experience with loved ones and feel it’s important to put the client or family member(s) in charge of their own care. As a registry, we do all the work up-front for the client, such as verifying employment, work experience, certifications, credentials, as well as extensive criminal background checks which include fingerprinting. Once we meet with the client and understand their needs, we refer the most appropriate pre-screened caregiver.

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The Process:

  1. Eldercaring is contacted by client or family member

  2. Basic information gathered during initial contact usually by phone

  3. Schedule a visit with Eldercaring staff

  4. Eldercaring staff meets with client and family to discuss needs

  5. Care coordinator arranges care for the client by the most appropriately matched caregiver

  6. Both a primary and secondary caregiver are introduced to the client/family member

  7. Eldercaring staff follow-up with client within 3 days of service

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Pictured above right: Barrett Betschart, Owner of Elder Caring and her dog, Schatzi, a certified canine companion, visiting with one of Elder Caring's former clients.
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