Because It's Personal

In Home Care | Senior Care | Palm Springs CABecause we, as the owners and office staff at ElderCaring have been through the experience of hiring a caregiver for our loved ones . . . it's personal for us . . . this is why we are so passionate about what we do and how we do it—from answering the phone with a caring professional tone to dealing with a billing issue.

We've been there and through most of it already, which is why we started the business. We've learned some hard business lessons over the years but we are in a "personal business", one of caregiving. With every caregiver we interview, we honestly ask ourselves, “would we want them with our mother or father?” “would we trust them with our mother or father?” We only screen and refer the best caregivers because they are "the face" of the business.

It's personal for us . . . which is why we perform extensive background checks and fingerprinting, verify professional nursing liability insurance, CPR and First Aid certifications. THREE CAREGIVERS HAVE SAVED A LIFE DUE TO THEIR ADVANCED TRAINING!

It's personal for us . . . which is why we’ve kept affordability as a priority. Some companies have higher rates due to the higher costs associated with having employees. Here at Eldercaring, we refer qualified caregivers to keep our rates low.

It's personal for us . . . and it will stay that way. We are not a franchise, and will not become a franchise. Many start-up companies like ours are out of business early because of their business practices, or poor work ethic, but we believe we have the 14 years of staying power simply because it's personal for us. We are MAJOR ADVOCATES for people in need and due to the nature of our business, consider us advocates for you.

Thank you for considering ElderCaring for your family. We look forward to being of service to you and your loved ones.

Photo Credits:  Barrett Betschart with her mother

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