Specialty Caregiving

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These services are provided by caregivers who are experienced in a variety of these areas:

Recovery care

services are tailored to meet the needs of clients who are recovering at home from an injury or medical condition

Wound care

services are geared toward wound care and prevention of complications that may arise from improper care

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Catheter/Colostomy/Feeding Tube Management

services include regular cleaning and maintenance for clients

Parkinsons Care

services include particular attention to meal preparation and walking assistance in order to prevent complications from arising LEARN MORE

Stroke Recovery Care

services include assistance as needed depending on the severity of the conditon LEARN MORE

Diabetes care

services include particular attention to shopping, meal preparation, exercise and other preventative measures needed to manage diabetes.

Other Specialty Care

services may be matched to the level of care needed by the client and the experience offered by the caregiver

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