Stroke Recovery

Sroke Recovery | Caregiver | Rancho Mirage CAElderCaring has many clients here in the valley who are recovering from strokes. A stroke can be a devastating experience with many side effects. The varying degrees, can potentially limit one's abilities to do things they love. A stroke doesn't just happen to the person- it can effect the entire family and their lifestyle. Know the signs of a stroke and seek immediate medical attention.  1/ Sudden numbness or weakness of face arm or leg on one side of the body. 2/ Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding.  3/ trouble seeing in one or both eyes.  4/ trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance.  5/ severe headaches with no cause.  

Stroke patients tend to become introverted due to the loss of independence, suffer from depression and fatigue. It is important to continue enjoyable activities even if modifications have to be made. Look into an agency that can provide respite care or more for the primary caregiver (family member). A caregiver can encourage exercise, therapy and range of motion, when a family member may have resistance.


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